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As someone who has also used art as an escape from the chaos of everyday life, I never wanted to make it a job. It was my way out, not something to share. Though as I grew up, got married and we became a small family I realized that sharing our creativity with others, or better yet, allowing peoples visions to come to life would be helping others escape from their lives even for a short time.

This also helped stem the creation of the name. Dreaming up whatever makes you smile is our goal. Jubilee became the name to help remind us to smile on days when things become stressful. Jubilee is a nickname that was given to me by my husband when I told him I hated all nicknames people had given me. For years he was the only one to use it, until now.

Being able to work as a husband and wife team has meant a lot to us in all the roads we journey down.  Together we hope to keep bringing beauty to peoples homes.

P.S. Not my horse or farm. I WISH!!